Françoise Orazi

Françoise Orazi is a Professor of British civilisation at Lyon 2 University, where she has been teaching since 2001. Specializing in the history of liberalism, she has written on J. S. Mill, L. T. Hobhouse as well as on liberal feminism. Her latest book is L’Individu libre : le libéralisme anglo-saxon de John Stuart Mill à nos jours, Classiques Garnier, Paris, 2018.

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    L’idéalisme britannique / British Idealism
    Hors-série n° 1
    Sous la direction de Jean-Paul Rosaye & Catherine Marshall

    Today, there are plenty of studies on the subject of British Idealism, especially in comparison to the historiographical wasteland that lasted from the 1940s all the way to the 1970s. It is no longer possible to neglect the importance of Idealism in the history of philosophy in Great Britain: a genuine debate on British Idealism has now taken place....

    20,00 €
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