Collection dirigée par Gilles Campagnolo, directeur de recherche au CNRS

Series Scientific Supervisor: Gilles Campagnolo, a Full research professor at the Sorbonne Center for Contemporary Philosophy/National Center for Scientific Research. (An Associate with the London School of Economics and Political Science 2019-2023).

The series at Éditions Matériologiques aims at assessing the realities of economics by acknowledging the effective practice adopted within the science: the way scientists observe the world, experience it and make experiments on it, how they theorize it, modelize it and also inquire into its history and its fundamental concepts. The series especially aims at clarifying issues of accuracy with respect to the language used in economics, whether it is formalized or not, and at bridging the gap between economics seen as a science and its critiques. Its authors stress that the word ‘critic’ should first and foremost mean to measure right and wrong uses of reason within the field of exchange.

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    Interroger la modélisation des cycles économiques
    Aux sources de l'économétrie (1887-1940)

  • 26,00 €
    Cournot, économie et philosophie
    Droit, philosophie, économie
    Sous la direction de Marc Deschamps & Thierry Martin

    26,00 €
  • 28,00 €
    Le positif, le normatif et la philosophie économique
    Sous la direction de Sina Badiei, Gilles Campagnolo, Agnès Grivaux

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  • 32,00 €
    Economie positive et économie normative chez Marx, Mises, Friedman et Popper

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  • 25,00 €
    Cournot, économie et philosophie
    Sous la direction de Marc Deschamps & Thierry Martin

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    Choisir rationnellement. Une introduction philosophique à la théorie de la décision
    Volume 1 : La décision individuelle

  • 10,00 €
    Philosophie économique
    Une introduction

    Both a theoretical bearing and a practical demeanor, economic philosophy is the endeavor by the intellect that articulates economics and philosophy. Now, how to define such a move? And where does the rising interest one can sense about it, for the last twenty years or so, come from? What kind of resources does it mobilize so as to reach its present state...

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  • Hard Modernity
    La perfection du capitalisme et ses limites

    In this book Aldo Haesler gives a new explanation of the genesis and dynamics of the modern age. Modernity axial uprise would be due to a new conception of human and non-human relations rather than to the scienza nuova with its scientific and technological innovations, modern philosophy with its Enlightment or modern capitalism with its process of...

  • 38,00 €
    Philosophie économique
    Un état des lieux
    Sous la direction de Gilles Campagnolo et Jean-Sébastien Gharbi

    In France, there exists a tradition in economic philosophy, and a brilliant one at that. This is why assessing its present state of affairs provides a wealth of views that French-speaking scholars hold and that make a fine-grained and rather complete, if not exhaustive, panoramic view of the field. How to get one’s bearings therein is the aim the editors...

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  • Enquête sur les libertés et l’égalité
    Tome 1 : Origines et fondements – Volume 1 : Economie, méthodologie et philosophie politique.

    In this book, Philippe Grill makes an inquiry into the sources and fundamentals of doctrines and theories touching our liberties and equality. He boldly faces the topic as an economist who is a philosopher as well, that is to say he treads carefully where both disciplines intersect. His endeavor leads us in the conceptual worlds of both philosophers and...

  • 30,00 €
    Critique de l’économie politique classique
    Marx, Menger et l’Ecole historique allemande

    Ten years – and one major economic crisis! – after its first edition (Presses Universitaires de France), this is a revised and augmented version of the original book that called attention upon the necessary inquiry to be made upon the sources of the critiques of liberalism at its roots, so as to measure how adequate (or how inadequate) are the critiques...

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