Philosophical Enquiries. Revue des philosophies anglophones

Founded in December 2012, our peer-reviewed scientific journal (digital for regular issues, paper for special issues) is the first in France devoted to studies, in French and/or English, of philosophy in the English language and Anglo-Saxon tradition, in the broadest sense, from Francis Bacon (and his sources) to the present day. The aim is to cross-reference current research with critical or genealogical insights from the most advanced works in the history of philosophy and the sciences, the precise analysis of canonical texts from the English-language corpus of philosophy, and their historical contextualization, their interactions with thinkers from other fields of the history of philosophy, or even spaces outside of philosophy (theater, law, political practices, techniques, religions, medicine, etc.).

Editorial Committee : Jauffrey Berthier et Arnaud Milanese

Scientific Board : Jauffrey Berthier, Luc Borot, Fabienne Brugère, Claire Crignon, Luc Foisneau, Mathias Girel, Philippe Hamou, Mathieu Haumesser, Chantal Jaquet, Éléonore Le Jallé, Eric Marquer, José Médina, Arnaud Milanese, Pierre-François Moreau, Kim Sang Ong-Van-Cung, Martine Pécharman, Luc Peterschmitt, Philippe Saltel, Emilio Sergio, Jean Terrel, Lars Toender, George Wright.

Jauffrey Berthier et Arnaud Milanese

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    L’idéalisme britannique / British Idealism
    Hors-série n° 1
    Sous la direction de Jean-Paul Rosaye & Catherine Marshall

    Today, there are plenty of studies on the subject of British Idealism, especially in comparison to the historiographical wasteland that lasted from the 1940s all the way to the 1970s. It is no longer possible to neglect the importance of Idealism in the history of philosophy in Great Britain: a genuine debate on British Idealism has now taken place....

    20,00 €
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